finetech engineering offers watering vacuum pump manufacturers at cheapest prices in ahmedabad

FineTech Engineering is a leading manufacturing company and now it is the only company who manufacture different vacuum related products Fine Tech Engineering is having also a group of technical experts, working in the field of vacuum technology since last 10 years and more.

The watering vacuum pump (i.e water ring pump) is a kind of rough vacuum pump, and its limit vacuum is 2000~4000Pa(abs). If connect an ejector with it, the limited vacuum can reach to 270~670Pa. And the pump can also be used as a compressor, then it is called water ring vacuum compressor. The water ring compressor is belong to the low pressure compressor, its pressure scope is 1~2*105Pa(refers to the meter show).
The watering vacuum pump manufacturers is widely used in the petrol, chemical, mechanical, mine,light industry, pharmacy, and foodstaff. Accompanying the vacuum applicable technology develops rapidly, the water ring vacuum pump usage in the vacuum area is regarded by the people more and more. Since the gases in the pump cavity are compressed under the same temperature, the water ring vacuum pump can pump the gases that are flammable, explosive, or containing the moisture and dust.

In the pump casing the proper volume water is used us operating liquid.
When the impeller turns clockwise, the water sprays around. Operated by means of the centrifugal force, the water forms a closed round ring defined by casing shape and with almost same thickness. The inner surface of the water ring bottom is just tangent with the impeller hub and the inner surface of the water ring top just touchs the tip of the impeller vane(in fact, there is a definite depth that the vane in the water ring). At the moment, a crescent shape space forms between the impeller hub and the inner surface of the water ring.
The operating water can be also replaced by other liquids. In spite of which liquid as the operating liquid, the pump are generally called liquid ring vacuum pump. The water ring vacuum pump is used mostly and extensively. Totally, the watering vacuum pump depends on the volume changing to achieve the suction, compressure, and discharge process. So it is belong to the transformable volume vacuum pump.

Sallient Features
Simple & Rugged Construction
Trouble Free Operation
Easily Handle Dust Laded & Aggressive Gases
Higher Capacity at Low Vacuum

Material Of Construction
As Per Process Requirement

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