oil seal vacuum pump manufacturers

           Vacuum Pumps India has gained enormous expertise in manufacturing and supplying oil seal vacuum pump manufacturers. Our pumps are known for light weight and it requires less quantity of oil.
This is normally most adopt type of Oil Seal Rotary High Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum pump manufacturers in the industry for producing pressures up to 5X10-3 mbar in single stage and 5X 10-4 mbar in two stage implementation.

oil seal vacuum pump manufacturers

finetech manufactures oil seal vacuum pump which are oil immersed,designed and manufactured for long trouble free operating life.These pumps are Air-cooled also

Fields Application
Laboratory Application of Chemical Plant.
R & D Centre Vacuum Impregnaton, Packing
Vacuum Drying, Forming Coating
Lamp industries,Leak Detection, Cryogenics, Distillation.
Re-refining of oil
Sallient Features
Simple & Rugged Construction
Trouble Free Operation
Easily Handle Dust Laded Gases
Built in Anti Suck Facility to Prevent Back of oil

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